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Greg Bormann, GM Mahnke Auto Body Fort Lupton

Greg Bormann

General Manager
Mahnke Auto Body Fort Lupton

Greg Bormann found he liked auto body repair and refinishing when, as a gift to the High School Coach, he and a buddy repurposed the Coach’s old “short bus” into a hunting vehicle. Greg and friend invested a summer’s work into repairing the rust and body damage and repainting the yellow bus, camouflage. Coach was happy and the High School Guidance Counselor directed Greg’s spark of interest toward the two year Auto Body Repair program at Scott Community College, in Iowa. Thirty years ago, times were exceptionally hard for farming towns in the mid-west. Although, auto body repair provides some resistance to recession, the region was suffering from numerous economic disruptions. After graduating from Scott Community College plus a few years in auto body repair, Greg and his family left Iowa for Colorado’s greater opportunities. Greg found immediate employment, over the phone, with no resume or application. Today, customer expectations, technology, and problem solving complexities have trended exponentially higher. Greg’s skills and knowledge of the industry’s advances in repair practices and products have followed suit. His work experience is diverse and intense, from the shop level body tech and refinisher in auto body shops and dealerships to his present position as Mahnke’s General Manager in Fort Lupton. On the first of June, 2017, Purifoy’s Collision Center reopened as Mahnke Auto Body in Fort Lupton. Mahnke Auto Body respects and appreciates the twenty-two years Greg has served as the GM of the Purifoy Collision Center. Greg and his crew have built a loyal following of customers, remembering customer’s names, vehicle makes and models, and past repairs! Greg and his team’s competence have also earned decade’s long relationships with fleet owners. Additionally, this shop, in the heart of old Fort Lupton, has built an excellent reputation throughout the United States and overseas for its expertise with repairs and refinishing of all makes and models of Corvettes; including, extraordinarily sophisticated and exquisite custom work. Mahnke Auto Body is proud and honored to carry Purifoy’s tradition of excellence forward while augmenting existing strengths with cutting edge technology, ongoing OEM and I-CAR training, and the support of the entire Mahnke network of auto body shops.